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Equestria World English

Equestria World
English translation - Part One
- The Comic -  

Translation by

Page 1
STE: Umpf...Ebay never send in time things to wor-
No...I can't believe it!
T-tickets of Equestria's Grand Galloping Gala!!!
Girls! A big new! It's arrived a fantastic thing!!! It's so exciting!

-She quickly wear a tie-

LILLY: Say us what it is Ste! C'mon! Is that piece of paper, right?? What's it? What!

SELY: I think it's something about My Little Ponies...

Dear lionesses,
for our brave operation for beat the terrible Trolls, you are officially invited from Princess Celestia to the Grand Galloping Gala of Equestria.

Page 2
LILLY: The Galloping Gala of Equestria? If it have something to do with rainbows, I want to come absolutely!
And…Trolls? Weren’t they Goblins?

SELYTE: Ah! I’m a genious! I knew that it have to do with my little pony!

CHIBI: Hi girls! There’s a place for me too?

LILLY: I’m sorry Chibi, but I think there are only 4 tickets for us that have beated the trolls (or goblins, what they are!)

CHIBI: Oh…So you have to leave me here…I perfectly understand…

Page 3
STE: Don’t worry girls….
…There is another ticket!!


SELY: Why  the walls of this cottage now seems a wood floor??

LILLY: SIRY! SIRY!! Let’s go to Equestria!!!!

-shapeless mass-

SIRY: But don’t you think that it’s a strange thing? And next, how we can go to Equestria?

LILLY:  Maybe now will arrive a golden carriage carried from two elegant royal pegasus!
Pony! Pony! And a lot of cute and fluffy things!

SIRY: Ok, we have lost her… But how we can be excited for a thing like that?
If she had said that’s dinner time…

SELY: C’mon Siry!

SIRY: Yeah! Ponies, rainbows….I’m so happy, I can’t wait!

Page 4
STE: The letter say that will arrive a carriage…
Of gold! Carried from two royal Pegasus Pony that will attend us to Ponyville for first stage!
Ok, girls! Let’s g-

ALL: Hurry up!!!

Page 5
STE: I’m here…


LILLY: Siry…Why this expression? You seems so sad…

SIRY: Grant don’t answer to me on twitter!

- GRANT: haughty duck that don’t answer to Siry’s nice tweets.-


Page 6
SELY: Aren’t you happy that we’re all here together?

SIRY: Sely…



LILLY: Let me see!!! Let me see!!!

SIRY: I'm lucky that I've another iPhone!!! <3 Selene stay away
However...Ste, when we'll arrive?

Page 7
STE: What’s up?
Hey girls, look! We’re arrived!

Page 8

Page 9
SELY: This place is AWESOME!

CHIBI: How cute you are!

TWILIGHT: Welcome!

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