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Equestria World English 2

Equestria World
English translation -Part Two
- The Comic -  

Translation by
Selyte and Siry

Page 10
STE: HI! It’s a pleasure for me hold your hoof!

TWILIGHT: Errr…for me too…anyone you are…now we have to go to Rarity’s clothes shop for try your dresses. If you want we can go for a walk in the city while she works.

SIRY: What a shame…

APPLEJACK:   He…However, I go to buck apples…

SIRY: Uh…Oh…C-Can I come with you?


SIRY: In my “world” I do things like this!

APPLEJACK: Are you kidding me?

SIRY: No, no…

LILLY: NOOOO! Siry!!! Where are you going? Come with us! We have to try the dresses!

SIRY: I’m sorry girls! Use Sely like as mannequin!

Page 11
SELY: What? Me? I don't want! No!

TWILIGHT: Wait a moment! What if she doesn't like the dress? Measurement, colours... for Princess Celestia sake!!

STE: Relax! You can give her a goat costume and she will be fine.


CHIBI: mhhhhhh

-Siry Goat Version-

CHIBI: hahahahhaah

RARITY: don't be so rude! Instead we should hurry up if we want to do a great job so...

Page 12

Now we won’t have any problems!

SELY:  But…but... what's that supposed to mean?

RARITY:  Whit this I’ve finished, if you want you can go for a walk in Ponyville while I’m working here!

SELY:  Tsk! Generosity for nothing!

Why I didn’t do it first?

Page 13
RARITY: Perfect! Now all we have to do is…
Spike! These gems are for beautify the dresses! You can’t blablabla!!!

SELY: Eh eh! Bye-Bye!!!

RARITY: Where you think to going? I need you as mannequin!
Look! It’so pretty, my dear!

SELY: Blah blah bla! I hope that a troll pony will vomit on you!

Page 14
LILLY: Poor Salsa

TWILIGHT: You didn't had problems this time

RARITY: It's enough to show who's the boss

TWILIGHT: Well girls, we have time enough for do a tour before the party

CHIBI: Salsa? But don't you have to...

SELY: Shhh... Lilly replaced me. That Hobo won't notice the exchange.
Now I'm going to explaine what's happened. Lilly spread her body with mud, for looking like me, is that a noble act isn't it?
That Hobo pick on me.

CHIBI: Wait let me understeand... The Hob... ehm... I mean... Rarity, pick you on 'cause she would have you as mannequin for our dresses, but you didn't want do it.
That's why Lilly, while Rarity was talking with Twilight, spread her body with mud looking like you and taking your place, is that correct?

SELY: Exactly

Page 15
STE: Hey Twilight! Can I ask you something?

TWILIGHT: Of course!

-sorry, I didn’t want to draw him sexy, but I can’t control myself XD –

STE: Err..Well…
…Discord was so sympathetic and he did clouds of cotton candy…so…can we go to let him free?

TWILIGHT: NO!!! What kind of question is?! You lions are very wild!!

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