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Equestria World English 3

Equestria World
English translation -Part Three
- The Comic -  

Translation by
Selyte and Lilly95forever

Page 16
FLUTTERSHY: Twilight, I think you were a little bit rude with our host…

TWILIGHT: You’re right Fluttershy…

Well, sorry…I didn’t want to call you “wild”…

Listen to me…For make me apologize…

I can bring you to see his statue…



STE: Oh, Discord…

TWILIGHT: What did you understand? I’ve only said that you’ll see the statue…

Meanwhile, between the appletrees

APPLEJACK: Heeya! Here we are!

APPLEJACK: Thank you so much for your precious help, Siry, you’re a great worker! Now relax!

SIRY: That’s ok… it was a pleasure, really…

SIRY: Finally we can be together… just the two of us…

SIRY: It can’t be…

Page 18
SIRY: What the…


DERPY: My name’s not You.
I’m Derpy!

DOCTOR HOOWES: Derpy!!! What’re you doing? I said you we must hurry up!!!

Page 19
SIRY: Y-you… Know that… that pony… S-she…


My treasure! Grr! Broken! Grr! Buy me a new one!

DOCTOR HOOWES: Ehmm…’kay…We really should go now eh…

SIRY: I’ve a kind of a déjà vu…


Page 20
BIG MAC: C’mon, it isn’t that bad… You helped my sister?

SIRY: Sorry? And who you should be?

SELENE: Big Macintosh!!!

BIG MAC: What the…?

SIRY: Selene?


Page 21


I read all about you in the magazine “Gossippony”!!!

So beautiful…So country…So damned countryman!!!

PINKIE: She’s all crazy!!!

BIG MAC: Eyup.

Page 22
TWILIGHT: I feel guilty…I didn’t have to say to her that she’s wild!

Only because they are creature different from us, I can’t say it to them. I was very mean and I want to repair my mistake!

Err…Sorry. Can I talk to you? I’m disturbing?

STE: No, no! Talk please!

TWILIGHT: Sorry if I call you “wild”, I didn’t want to, but when I hear the name of that demon I don’t understand nothing. Probably you don’t know him really…

STE: Of course I do!!! I made cotton candy clouds, rain of chocolate, giant apples, pop corns, soap street and he’s sympathetic! I know all about him!


Sorry! I didn’t want to praise him! But…

TWILIGHT: Oh, no, relax…You don’t have to apologize, I won’t attack you. But explain me something…How you know the Demon of Chaos? I know that your reign is so far from here…

Page 23
TWILIGHT: Before to meet you, I read books about felines and your world. I know that you are so strong and brave.

I thought to talk about you to the presence of Princess Celestia, but I would like to talk with you now.I'm so curious and I want to know everything!

STE: In my world we live surrounded by beautiful plants green, but we have big grasslands  too. We live with what nature offer to us. Your world is so different from mine, but is equally awesome!

We build with our paws the things that we have. In my house I have an aquarium! I build it and there live my little polypus Squiddi!

And next...Wait...What I wanted to say???

Nevermind! However I know de God of sympathy because he is my relative.

AHAHAH! I was joking! You have to see your face! AH AH!!

And next, we have the sea! Did you ever seen the sea? The beach? If you want a day you can come to visit us so you can see it and blablablabla

Page 24
STE: Ops, sorry…I always talk a lot and next I forgot the rest of the topic

TWILIGHT: Ahah! No problem!

STE: However I know Discord because we have Internet. We often use it for order material for building and painting.

TWILIGHT: Wow! Say me more!

RAINBOW: Hey! What’s all that mess?

Twilight! Something is happening in the city!

TWILIGHT: What’s up Rainbow Dash?

RAINBOW: I don’t know, I go to have a look!

STE: We can go all together and in the way I can told you our battle versus the Trolls/Goblins.

TWILIGHT: Sure! I’m so curious to hear it! Let’s go, and you’ll tell me all!



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