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Equestria World English 4

Equestria World
English translation - Part Four
- The Comic -
Translation by
Page 25
*Music: Magic Trixie, with your smile, where you'll arrive...*
DASH: Oh, god...she's Trixie. She's awful! Look! She has a new big hat. It probably means that her ego is bigger. How boring...
*I forgot to draw her coat >_< Think that her leave it for doing a trick, ok? xD*

Page 26
TRIXIE: How horrible!!! I can't believe it! A stupid feline here? In our reign!!! I hate them, why nopony drive them away? You're wild beast!
How can be possible that these stupid wild animals are here? Who know how much poor pony they tear to pieces today in Ponyville! Damned carnivorous thirsty of blood! Wilds, ignorants, without heart and violents!
You're disgusting!! Go away! We don't want you here, beasts!
PANDA: ..b-but...we...

So they are dangerous creatures!
I don't trust them: look their faces!
I didn't know it!

TWILIGHT: Trixie! Stop it! I don't let you insult our guests! What's wrong with you?!

Page 27
TWILIGHT: You're just an ignorant! Instead of talk you must know them first! How dare you to judge them? Just because they're diffirent to us ponies this doesn't mean that they're how you said!
TRIXIE: Oh oh! The little magician favourite of princess Celestia defend the wilds animals! So you're the giulty that bring them here!
However I've to admit that I'm happy that you're the cause of all! From the last time I'm more powerful
I dare you, little magician! If I win, they have to leave!!

Page 28
TWILIGHT: Trixie, don't make crazy things! We don't want to fight! Stop to doing the stupid! You can hurt somepony...

Page 29
SELYTE: Siry! Answer to me! What did  that tramp to you?
TRIXIE: Who care, it seems that I haven't hit somepony important!
TWILIGHT: Stop Trixie! You aren't just ignorant, but a coward too! Why you hit her? The only one who isn't welcome here is you, not them!
DASH: Go Twilight! Say her something!
TRIXIE: And now is your turn, Twilight Sparkle!

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